Professor of art focusing on photography

Bergen National Academy of the Arts (short in Norwegian: KHiB) is a central arena for education and development in the fields of art and design. The institution cultivates new expressions in art and design, promotes a high degree of competence in selected fields and contributes to innovation and professional development. KHiB has 300 students and around 100 staff members.

Professor of art focusing on photography

Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB) is a leading arena for innovative thinking and experimental artistic research and education. KHiB offers BA and MA degree programmes in art and design, and it educates research fellows as part of the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme. Artistic research is an important, high-profile and integral part of KHiB’s focus. Through  systematic research,  Bergen Academy of Art and Design contributes to expanding the limits of our knowledge in the field of art and design.

KHiB has organised its activities in two departments: the Department of Fine Art and the Department of Design. KHiB has high professional ambitions and interacts with local, national and international networks. It has around 350 students and more than 100 members of staff.

A process is currently under way to gather all KHiB’s activities in one new building.

For more information about the departments and KHiB’s activities, see

Department of Fine Art
The Department of Fine Art is characterised by a broad range of artistic expression, open discourse and critical discussion. The relationship between theory and practice, the development of a relevant set of concepts and striking a balance between production and reflection all have a central place in today’s art education.

An academic staff with wide-ranging backgrounds and who are active on the Norwegian and international art scene is a prerequisite if the department is to offer a dynamic teaching environment. The artistic research conducted by members of the academic staff plays a central role in and forms the basis for teaching.

The Department of Fine Art offers approx. 175 places at BA and MA level in addition to research fellowships attached to the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme. The department has a staff of around 45, who are organised into three groups for artistic research purposes. The groups are led by a professor (head of artistic research) and comprise members of staff who specialise in different areas to ensure that the groups are multidisciplinary in their composition.

The department has a wide selection of workshops that are used for both teaching and artistic research purposes. The Department of Fine Art initiates and implements large-scale multidisciplinary artistic research projects, also projects based on external funding. The department is headed by a dean, who is responsible for teaching and for the department’s artistic research profile.

Position as professor
The department has a vacancy for a full-time position as professor of art focusing on photography for a fixed term of six years. It is desirable that the selected candidate can take up the position from 1 September 2015.

We are looking for a professor with expertise in the specialist field of photography who has ambitions to expand and test the limits of artistic practice, and who is interested in and open to other artistic forms of expression and possible links between them. Applicants should have wide-ranging practical experience, a strongly contextualised practice and a theoretical understanding of the artistic field, including its historical, aesthetic, social and political development and context.

Applicants should also have a strong focus on artistic research and they should demonstrate an ability for critical reflection on artistic processes that will also be integrated in teaching practice.

The specialist area of photography is an integral part of the department’s curriculum. The applicant who is appointed will be expected to tutor/supervise at bachelor, master and research fellow level, and he or she must also be able to serve as the main supervisor of students working in other media/expressions.

The duties of the position consist of teaching, tutoring/supervision, responsibility for planning of teaching, artistic research in the field, dissemination, organising and facilitating these tasks, and administrative and, if relevant, management duties.

Part of the working hours of the academic staff at Bergen Academy of Art and Design is set aside for artistic research, and considerable resources are therefore devoted to this area. The person appointed will therefore have a responsibility to engage in artistic research in her or his field. Initiating collaboration and maintaining contact with educational institutions and other relevant partners are also important responsibilities. The person appointed will be expected to provide input that can enhance academic discourse at Bergen Academy of Art and Design, and to promote the institution externally – among other things, by developing academic and artistic networks at the local, national and international level.

Requirements of applicants

  • Extensive artistic activity at the highest level judged by international standards, and relevant breadth and in-depth study of the subject area or discipline at the highest level.
  • Documented relevant teaching qualifications based on formal teacher training or teaching and supervision.

Emphasis will also be placed on:

  • Good cooperation skills, with the emphasis on dialogue and inclusive professional communication
  • Well-considered attitudes and visions in relation to artistic research
  • Teaching ability and enthusiasm
  • The ability to see the subject area from an overall societal and theoretical perspective
  • A perspective on higher education in art and design
  • Organisational skills and experience.

Requirements for applications
Applicants must describe their qualifications in relation to the requirements for the position (see the section about requirements of applicants), including a description of their intentions and goals for the fixed term of employment. It is important that applicants clarify their standpoint in relation to the subject area and set out their views on its positions and possibilities.

Expert evaluation
Applicants’ professional qualifications will be evaluated by an expert committee. Bergen Academy of Art and Design has adopted separate guidelines for such evaluations. Applicants considered for the position will be asked to attend an interview with an internal interview panel, and they will be asked to tutor students and hold a trial lecture for the Academy’s staff and students.

Pay and working conditions etc.
The salary for the position of professor (1013) is pay grade 69–75 on the pay scale for state employees (currently NOK  601,700–675,500). A higher salary can be considered for particularly well-qualified applicants. A statutory contribution to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund of 2% is deducted from salary.

The appointment will be made on the terms and conditions that apply to civil servants at all times. The person appointed must comply with the regulations that apply to the position at all times, also as regards organisational and administrative affiliation. If the person appointed does not speak a Scandinavian language, he or she will be required to take tuition in the Norwegian language during the first year in the job.

The relationship between teaching-related activity and artistic research is regulated for each individual position, including a requirement for how much the person in question must be present at the institution. The breakdown of working hours is specified in the individual annual work plan that is drawn up in consultation between the individual member of the academic staff and the dean/head of artistic research. In the case of professors / associate professors who are employed in a position that is 50% or more of a full-time position, 40% of working hours are allocated to artistic research. The dean is responsible for overall coordination of the study programmes offered by the department.

The civil service shall as far as possible reflect the diversity of the population as a whole. It is therefore a personnel policy goal to achieve a balanced age and gender distribution and recruit people from immigrant backgrounds. People from immigrant backgrounds are therefore encouraged to apply.

In accordance with Section 25 of the Freedom of Information Act, we hereby inform you that information about applicants may be made public even if applicants have asked not to be included on the list of applicants. In such case, applicants will be notified of this in advance. No applicants will have their names made public without having been informed about such publication in advance.

The institution offers an interesting and demanding position in an environment characterised by a high level of activity, professional challenges and good cooperation. We offer good pension, insurance and loan arrangements from the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.

For further information about the position, contact Dean Mona Aarre, tel. (+ 47) 55 58 73 00.

Application deadline: 31/01/2015
Location: Bergen
Contacts: Anne Helen MydlandTelephone: +47 55587420
Home page:

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