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Application Deadline for Spring Programs: December 31, 2013
Application Deadline for Summer Programs: February 15, 2014

Signal Fire welcomes applications for our 2014 Residency, Expeditions, and Wide Open Studios courses. Since 2008, Signal Fire has provided opportunities for artists and activists to engage in the natural world. Our projects instill self-reliance, catalyze creative energy, and invite interdisciplinary collaboration. We utilize public lands to advocate for the access to— and protection of— our remaining wild and open places in order to enrich and sustain society.

Year of the Wolf: Signal Fire dedicates our 2014 expeditions to the wolf. Wolves are a symbol of wildness returning to the landscape as well as a real and vital predator in the North American West. We are leading three expeditions to areas linked by wolf recovery efforts: the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico, the Wallowa Mountains of eastern Oregon, and the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota. A special publication and exhibition will highlight the outcome.

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Outpost on the Border: The public lands adjoining the US- Mexico border protect some of the rarest and most biologically diverse habitat in North America. These places are also the focus of increasing militarization by US Border Control. Signal Fire invites activists, researchers, and artists of any discipline to join us for a unique remote residency in southern Arizona to craft a creative response to the wild places of an embattled region.

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Wide Open Studios: The academy moves under the stars with Wide Open Studios, a series of immersive wilderness arts courses designed for graduate and undergraduate students. In spring 2014 we offer an adventurous painting class spanning desert oases, bombing ranges, and ghost towns as well as a reprise of our popular MFA Spring Break trip, this time to Arizona’s Mogollon Rim country. In August we are proud to announce Crossing Cascadia, a 4-week, 3-credit course in partnership with Oregon College of Art and Craft.

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Signal Fire 2014 Calendar:

February 16- 23            Wide Open Studios: Painting the Post-Natural Landscape (CA)

March 1-7 & 9-15          Outpost Residency on the Border (AZ)

March 23-29                 Wide Open Studios: MFA Spring Break Trip (AZ)

April 13-20                   Year of the Wolf: Gila Backpacking (NM)

July 6-12                     Signal Fire Alumni Backpacking and Guide Training (CA)

July 20-27                    Year of the Wolf: Wallowas pack-n-park (OR)

August 3-30                 Wide Open Studios: Crossing Cascadia Summer Immersion Trip (OR)

September 7-13             Year of the Wolf: Boundary Waters Canoe Adventure (MN)


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