F.I.V.E., the new international videoart project created by Magmart, is focused on five senses. An intriguing challenge for videoartists, worldwide.
Sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. Through these five senses we interact with the world – and with other human peoples. They are our interface. Senses are the medium between the world and us. Are the instruments of feeling. They channel to us all the informations that become from universe, they supply – even literally – the food for our body and for our mind.
The number five is a joining link too. Between the 5 senses, the 5 continents (where we want bring the project’s tour) and the artists. An international jury will select, among submitted videos, five videoartists for each continent, in a manner that give back 25 videos, 5 for sense and 5 from each continent.
To participate at F.I.V.E., you must register on project website, to achieve the assignment of ‘your’ sense, on which you can realize your artwork. Do it soon, the deadline for video submission is on 2014 february 28!
Be part of this new, exciting project: we are sure it will reply the success of previous, 100×100=900, that has achieved great results:
– +50 partners, worldwide
– 40 curators, from all the world
– 58 screening, around the world
– 24 countries reached
– +410 days of show
The project work on two, different tracks: the artists and the curators. Through a collaborative program, F.I.V.E. mean constitute a panel of curators, that will bring the project around the five continents.
The international call is open! Be part of this new exciting adventure in videoart world. Go to project website, read the rules, register and start to work at your next video – we’ll bring it around the world!
Enrico Tomaselli
Magmart Festival Art Director

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