MONO NO AWARE is an international film event open to any person or group of persons making work that incorporates Super8mm or 16mm film format as part of that presentation. (Expanded Cinema) In previous years 16 film was blended with dance performance, Super8 with live spoken word/audience involvement, & multi-projections with live jazz/musical devices. Dancers, Sculptors, Musicians, Theorists, Scientists, Athletes, Visual artists, everyone, AND Film-makers are encouraged to submit.

This is not a film festival for film-makers, so much as it is an film event for everyone. Entries are only be accepted on Super8 or 16mm film. FILM ONLY. No Digital Video. We believe there is magic in seeing a film print projected, a presence a poet has when reading their own work, a feeling that resonates in your chest when seeing music performed live. For these reasons we encourage live film with live additional audio/visual elements.

A call for submissions from contemporary artists and filmmakers creating work that incorporates Super 8mm, 16mm, 35mm or altered light projections as part of a live performance or installation. No digital projections will be considered. Film only. No submission fee. No fee to attend the event.

Please be sure the following items are included with your entry:
1. An example of the film element of your performance. You may send a digital copy for consideration but the performance must be on 35mm, 16mm, Super 8 mm or altered light from a film projector**
2. The entry form filled out in its entirety.
3. A visual sample of the sound, poetry, theatrical performance, dance, installation or written description.

**NOTE: You may also elect to send in materials that represent your past work with a proposal for the event. These can also be sent in DV format. This means you may send a DVD of your work ONLY as a sample. PLEASE REMEMBER YOU MAY ONLY EXHIBIT IN 35mm, 16mm, Super 8mm or with altered light projections from a film projector.

Please send entries to the postal address below.

Selected film performances will be announced November 15th 2013.

The event will be held December 6th and 7th 2013 at LightSpace Studios in Brooklyn New York.

PMB # 303
302 Bedford Avenue
11249 Brooklyn, NY


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