Call for Female Actors

ITAZOO Productions is looking for two female actors for our upcoming site-specific production of Killer Joe by Tracy Letts, directed by Chelsea Haberlin.

WARNING: Both women will be required to be fully nude onstage. The play contains mature subject matter, violence and coarse language. This will be a very intimate production that will take place in a small trailer on a vacant lot with the actors performing inches from the audience.  Please only submit if you are comfortable with the above warnings.

About the play:

Welcome to the sultry and sordid world of Texas’ seediest trailer park. Spend an evening in the trailer-home of the Smiths: a relentlessly dysfunctional family looking to rise above their white-trash squalor. Eldest son Chris embroils everyone in a plot to kill his mother and collect her life insurance policy. They hire cop-by-day/hitman-by-night Killer Joe Cooper to take care of the dirty deed. But when Killer Joe takes an interest in Chris’ virginal younger sister, Dottie, all hell breaks loose. What follows is an explosive mix of sex, blood, and comedy: battered, deep-fried, and served up with a side of grits.

Production Dates:     April 16-May 3, 2014

Audition Date:          Sunday, October 27, 2013. Location TBA.

2 Females:


Age range:       20-26


Age range:       28-35

How to Apply: 

Please submit a headshot, resume and coverletter to Chelsea at by October 15.

Both Equity and Non-Equity actors are invited to submit.

For the audition you will asked to prepare a side and perform with a Dallas, Texas accent. 

Don’t hesitate to contact Chelsea with any questions regarding your submission or the show.

Contact Information

Chelsea Haberlin
Email Address: 
Phone Number: 
(778) 888-2435

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